UTON Project Presentation and International Marketing Promotion Conference Held at Intercontinental Singapore



On November 6, 2018, the UTON project presentation and international marketing promotion conference was held at InterContinental Singapore. The guests were mainly the elites and masters in the blockchain industry from the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, etc.

The conference first introduced the system architecture and account system of LikeLib, and showed the technical characteristics, security protocols and unique transaction mode of UTON ATM, which is a high-capacity digital asset automatic exchange machine and will be launched soon. The conference announced the system framework of the encrypted hardware wallet UTON, which is the first fully open source hardware wallet project in China.

Through the meeting sharing, the guests expressed their strong interest in UTON series products and LikeLib, and the guests expressed that they will continue to pay close attention to product development and will promote and sell them in various countries around the world.

The UTON team looks forward to working with global blockchain practitioners to actively promote the efficient development of the global digital economy.

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