Recruiting Participants for the 365mc Global Social Contribution Campaign ‘Global Better Me Season 2’


SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr. 30, 2024

The leading obesity treatment medical institution in South Korea presents a second chance at life to obesity patients around the world.

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Before Global Better Me (Photo: 365mc)

Before Global Better Me (Photo: 365mc)

The specialized obesity treatment clinic and liposuction medical institution, 365mc, announced on the 8th that they are recruiting participants for the second installment of the ‘Global Better Me’ Season 2 campaign, targeting foreign patients with obesity worldwide.

The global social contribution obesity treatment campaign 'Global Better Me' started last year with the intent to help those suffering find a better 'me' and discover greater beauty.

365mc supports individuals who have been worn down by the negative perceptions of society so that they can discover a better version of themselves. The first group consisted of three participants: Thanaphon from Thailand, Pamela from France, and Tatyana from Russia three severely obese patients who were invited by 365mc in 2023 to stay in Korea for six months and receive differentiated obesity treatment. The three participants from the first group, who could not speak a word of Korean upon arrival, gradually immersed themselves into Korean culture with the support of 365mc, attending a Korean language school, and visiting various places in Korea.

The three, united by a single goal of dieting in a faraway country land, succeeded in a true metamorphosis by collectively losing over 100kg through the systematic obesity treatment at 365mc.

With the success of the first campaign, 365mc is now looking for the season 2, second heroes to fulfill their 'Korean Dream.' Founder and CEO of 365mc, Dr. Namchul KIM stated, “To instill hope in everyone suffering from obesity, 365mc has decided to launch the Global Better Me campaign once more,” adding “365mc hopes to spread the word to foreign obesity patients who need help to achieve their Korean Dream, and 365mc will continue to play its social role as a leading medical institution in global obesity treatment.”

The program targets foreign obesity patients and will provide not only obesity treatment but also accommodation, Korean language school classes, travel around Korea, and a variety of activities as part of the Korean cultural education program. 365mc plans to finalize candidates as early as next month and invite them to Korea to commence intensive obesity treatment.

As a leading medical institution in South Korea, 365mc, with a 21-year history, has accumulated records of more than 6.1 million cases of obesity treatment and owns data from 500,000 diet meal advisory consultations. Using a wealth of information, 365mc delivers customized obesity treatments that transcend race, body type, and physical boundaries. It is leveraging big data to achieve the best outcomes as expected.

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